PT Mitra Harmoni Insurance Broker

PT. MITRA HARMONI INSURANCE BROKER (MHIB) is a national insurance broker company founded by PT. Sentra Modal Harmoni and Mr. Louis Hariman. The Company wan established at March 07, 2007, as state in Notarial deed number 08, made before Djumini, SH., notary in Jakarta and which has been approved by a Letter from the Ministry of Law and Human Right No. W7-03694 HT.01.04-TH.2007, dated April 05, 2007.
The Company received insurance license from Ministry of Finance with authorization No. KEP121/KM.10/2007 at July 02, 2007. And become a membership of "Asosiasi Broker Asuransi & Reasuransi Indonesia (ABAI)" or Indonesian Insurance and Reinsurance Brokers Association, with registered No.: 145/SK DP-ABAI/08/2007

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