Our's Profile

PT Sentra Modal Harmoni (the Company) was established in Indonesia on June 12, 2006. The Company having registered office in Jakarta with its head office located at Menara Hijau 5th floor, Jalan M.T Haryono Kav 33 Cikoko - Pancoran, Jakarta.

The Company is a Holding Company of BPR (Rural Bank) Nusamba, and BPRS (Sharia Rural Bank) Mitra Harmoni Harmoni Group. The Subsidiary of the Company running in the field of financial services. In addition, The Company has subsidiaries engaged in broker namely PT. Mitra Harmoni Insurance Brokers (MHIB). As Holding Company, the Company plays an active role in the supervision, development, regulation and optimal surveillance to its subsidiaries. Such things conducted to maintain the performance of each subsidiary, thus providing benefits to the surrounding community, employees, stakeholders and shareholders.

Business development efforts continue to be made by the Company, one of which provides motivation to subsidiaries to develop a network of offices, product and service improvement through the use of technology. These efforts are constantly accompanied by the development of human resources through planned, measurable, comprehensive and sustainable training programs. This program is fully facilitated by the Company.

As for the future, the Company will be the holding company of a solid and reliable financial services company by searching and preparing professionals cadres to manage and achieve the specified vision and mission by each group under the Company's business, accompanied by sustainably seeking business opportunities for the Company's development.